Norwich Circuit
East Anglia District

Sprowston Methodist Church

Sprowston Methodist is known locally as "Wroxham Road or Rocky Road". It offers three services every Sunday, catering for worship styles that vary from traditional Wesleyan to Evangelical/Charismatic. It also hosts the local Christian Chinese Congregation on 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoons. Wroxham Road has a mixed membership of almost 200 people of all ages, and offers a full range of midweek activities.



Rainbows and Brownies, Guides, Rock Solid, Badminton, and Church Prayer Meeting (on second Monday each month, 1930-2100). Sprowston Nursery Playgroup also offers sessions throughout the week.
Holy Communion (1000-1050) and Prayer Fellowship (1115-1200), Pushchair Club, and Alpha (please contact Administrator for dates of next course)
Childminders, Sisterhood, and Boys Brigade
Men's Prayer Breakfast (alternate weeks, 0630-8000), Guides, Ladies Group, Youth Band and Worship Group practice
Turners Youth Club (alternate weeks)
Men's Breakfast (monthly) and Ladies' Breakfast (quarterly)
We have around 80 people attending 12 regular midweek Housegroups throughout the week, mostly in the evenings. But there are 3 afternoon meetings and 1 morning meeting as well. We are sure there's a place for you.
In addition to their Sunday afternoon services, the local Chinese Congregation also meets on the two Mondays following the second Sunday each month, offering a warm welcome to friends from the local Chinese community. English Language lessons are offered on Wednesday mornings.